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Your vehicle doesn't have to to meet  industry standards, it can exceed them. Our goal at Arrow is to do just that. We strive to exceed manufacturer specifications any time a vehicle leaves out facility. Our repair team features some of the most qualified, trained, and experienced workers you'll find in the great state of Minnesota. Whether you're from St. Paul, Minneapolis, or anywhere in the surrounding Twin Cities area, it'll will be well worth the short drive to Inver Grove Heights to get your vehicle as good as new. You may even question whether your accident ever even happened at all!
Scheduling an appointment with our body shop is easy! Just give us a call at (651) 552-2222 or fill out our online service appointment form. You can also visit our service specials page for information on offers and discounts on collision repair

  • I-car & ASE certified
  • State of the Art Repair Equipment
  • Expert Frame & Unibody Repairs
  • Computerized Alignments
  • GuranteedPaintMatchingSystempComputerizedAlignmenGuaranteedMatchystemMMMechanical & Suspension RepairsPremium Glass InstallationComplete After RepairClean up & Inspection



Acura, AUDI, BMW, 
Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Daewoo, Daimler, Datsun, Dodge, Eagle, Excalibur, Factory Five, Fiat, Ford, Freight Liner, Geo, GMC, Holden, Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Infinity, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, KIA, Land Rover, Lexus, Lotus, Opel, Porsche, Lincoln, Maserati, Mazda, Mercedes, Mercury, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Panoz, Peugeot, Pontiac, Plymouth, SAAB, Saleen, Saturn, Scion, Shelby, smart, Subaru, Suzuki, Tata, Tesla, Toyota, Vauxhall,Volkswagon, Volvo, and Willys


You have rights when claiming an accident with your insurance company. Below are some frequently asked questions along with answers courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Commerce.
  • Q: Can I choose my auto repair shop?
  • A: "Your insurance company cannot require you to have your vehicle repaired at a specific shop, but it may requre you to obtain more than one estimate. Therefore you can take the car to a shop of your choice."
  • Q: What if my insurance company requires more than one estimate?
  • A: "If the insurance company requires more than two estimates, it must pay for them."
  • Q: Can the auto repair shop adjust its estimate to the amount of your deductible?
  • A: "No, misrepresenting the cost of repairs would constitute fraud."
  • Q: If I feel that the amount of damage reported by the insurance company is wrong, what can I do?
  • A: "Your insurance company is required to return your vehicle to the condition it was in before it was damaged. The company may assume the repair costs, including obvious and hidden damage."
  • Q: Will my insurance rate go up after an accident?
  • A: You may pay more for your auto insurance for the next three years. Some companies impose a "surcharge" as a result of paying a claim. You should check the surcharge disclosure sheet included with your policy to determine when and how much you may be surcharged."
  • Q: What if I have no resolved a problem with my insurance company?
  • A: "Speak first to the adjuster assigned to your clam, or his or her supervisor. If you still can't resolve the issue, contact the Department of Commerce CRT. Call 651-296-2488 in the Twin Cities area, or toll free 800-657-3602 from elsewhere in Minnesota."

Auto Body Repair

Collision Coverage


Doug Dombeck - Paint Tech

Auto Body Experience - 22 years

After graduating from the Dakota County Technical College, Doug further developed his skills and expertise at Southview Chevrolet, Abra, and Fishers Auto Body. Finally joining the ARROW team over 11 years ago, Doug gained top-notch training and certifications. Doug also loves spending time with his wife and three children. Fishing and attending car shows are also some of his favorite pastimes and hobbies.

Dan Palvere - Body Tech

Auto Body Experience - 28 years

Dan has proven that experience really does mean knowledge. Since graduating from Duluth Vocational School for Auto Body, Dan has been a skilled Body Technician since 1981. Furthering his education at ARROW over 5 years ago, Dan has become certified along with the rest of our team in many GM training courses. Dan has a wife and son who he loves spending time with. He is also big hunter and fisherman.

Rick Girgin - Paint Tech

Auto Body Experience - 18 years

Rick, another one of our extremely talented paint technicians, has been with ARROW Collision Center for over 5 years. Graduating from the Dakota County Technical College, Rick began his career with Abra and Brookside Collisional. After joining ARROW, Rick has become another one of our expert painters. Rick is married with one child, and excited to bring in one more who is on the way. He also is an avid fisherman and loves racing.

Roger Mark - Body Tech

Auto Body Experience - 26 years

Roger joined the ARROW Collision Center over 8 years ago. He attended Dunwoody College and began his career at Saxon Ford and Professional Auto Body. Roger received even more extensive training from General Motors when joining ARROW. Roger is a very talented technician who also loves computer graphics, fishing, and hunting. He also loves hanging out with his wife and two children.

Tony Gerlach - Collision  Manager 

Tony has over 20 years of experience in the body and collision business. After he graduated from North Dakota State University, he decided to develop his automotive skills and expertise and attended Automotive Management Institute. He then worked for 10 years as the Sales Manager for Fischer Auto Service in Inver Grove. He joined Arrow Buick GMC as the Collision Manager in 2004 and is well known and respected by all of the major insurance companies. He loves spending time with his daughter and his interests include fishing and hunting. He is also a member of Ducks Unlimited.

(800) 513-1553


The Better Business Bureau
The Better Business Bureau recognizes businesses that are honest and have integrity. Their goal is to create an ethical environment where both businesses and consumers can trust each other. The way we run our business is reflected by their recognition. ARROW and all Larry Reid businesses are recognized by the Better Business Bureau because we share all the same values.

AAA Approved Auto Repair
We are a AAA auto repair shop! All AAA members guarantee their work for 12 months or 12,000 miles! According to, "the AAA Approved Auto Repair program approves only facilities that meet the highest standards in vehicle repair, competency, reliability, cleanliness, overall experience and fair pricing. These repair facilities must also employ only trained, certified technicians, and offer timely repairs, convenient hours and courteous service. AAA makes sure that your automobile repairs are conducted only by professionals."

ASE Certified
We are ASE certified! This is very important to you because ASE holds a very high standard for auto repair. Our team members must pass one or more of their 40 plus exams to become certified. But just because you pass their test once doesn't mean you are certified for life. Each member of our team must take these tests every 5 years to maintain their certification.

I-Car Certified
I-CAR, like ASE, is in place to raise the industry standard. Their goal is to have auto repair shops with the ability to perform a complete and safe repair. They ensure this with their required training. With this training comes our certified employees. We are proud to say that we have both I-CAR gold and I-CAR platinum employees, the two highest ranking certifications.

GM Goodwrench
Being a
 Buick and GMC dealer, we have to live by General Motor's very high maintenance and repair standards. General Motor's Goodwrench division puts us in a position to suit all your possible needs and exceed your expectations. General Motors training and expertise is extended to our facility to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

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